Productivity for translators: links from IMTT Conference presentation

First of all, I apologize for taking so long to post the links. Too much work, too little time. For those who attended my presentation, I also apologize for my lack of enthusiasm during the presentation. I was feeling really sick that day, lost all the morning presentations and even thought I couldn’t deliver mine.

Anyway, here are the links I promised:

For Word files:

AndoTools – Official website is off, but this is a copy I kept for myself. Works fine and is virus-free. ReadMe file with info on the release.



For Excel spreadsheets:

Spreadsheet Compare


PDF conversion:

Solid Converter (Windows)

desk unPDF (Mac)

Terminology aggregators:


GoldenDict  (my posts on using the app: part 1, part 2 & part 3)

iGoogle (see also my post on how to include gadgets and dicts to iGoogle)


Backup and sync:

Carbon Copy Cloner (Mac)


SyncBack (Windows)

Links & RSS aggregators:

Delicious (and my Delicious, specially for online glossaries, dictionaries and reference material)


Google Reader

For browsers:

Online proofreader

Nicesharing – splits browser window to show two different websites

Chrome Add-ons:



Google Chrome Dual View

Word Count

Firefox Add-ons:

Add to Search Bar






More Firefox search add-ons


Prezi presentation

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7 Responses to Productivity for translators: links from IMTT Conference presentation

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  2. Thanks for this!! Very useful! 🙂
    I didn’t now you had a blog, but I will add it now to my blogroll and pay attention to your new updates 😉

  3. Daiana M. says:

    Oi, Val! Adorei da palestra! Obrigada pelos links. Eu nem percebi “a falta de entusiasmo”. Tomara que tenha gostado da Argentina. Daiana

  4. Julio Garcia says:

    Oi Val,
    your presentation was great, very helpful for me as a PM, really eye opener. You didn’t look sick at all, I didn’t feel you were unenthusiatic at all!! I was waiting to have all this link in one place as I didn’t write down notes.
    Many thanks!!

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