The new Delicious

Delicious finally completed that transition they’ve been announcing (I had already mentioned it here). Layout changed a little, and it seems that Firefox plugin is not working anymore. Popup windows opens, everything seems normal, but plugin doesn’t send the data to their website.
For now, we have the option of using their bookmarklet until a new plugin is released (I bet it won’t take long). Login to the website, click the “My stacks” tab and drag Delicious button to your browser toolbar.

You’ll have something like this:

Now, click the button when you want to add a link to your Delicious account.

Here’s a copy of Delicious button:


New Delicious has also a new functionality, “Stacks”, which seems to be similar to the “bundles” from the old version.

I hope Delicious continues working well. I rely on it to keep all my glossary links. 🙂



Update (oct 06, 2011):

Delicious plugin is working fine in Firefox. You just have to clean browser cache and history and everything goes back to normal.

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