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Sorry, this entry is only available in Brazilian Portuguese.

A to Z glossary of common nutrition terms

Ballet glossary – English National Ballet

DCB (Denominação Comum Brasileira) – Glossário

Dicionário logístico

Earthquake glossary – US Geological Survey

Eco-Terms – Glossary of Environmental Terminology

Finance glossary – inglês

Glossário das usinas nucleares – Veja (português)

Glossário de termos e símbolos usados em farmacologia – Boston University (inglês)

Glossários, dicionários e outras ferramentas de Economia – CORECON-SP

Glossário de ingredientes de cosméticos – inglês

Glossário de Óleo e Gás (PDF) – português

Glossário Econômico do Ministério da Fazenda

Glossary of Antiques terms

Glossary for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Glossary of Cleaning Products and Ingredients

Glossary of lingerie terms

Glossary of musical terms – Lawrence University (PDF)

Glossary of Science Fiction ideas, technology and inventions

Glossary of Statistical Geography Terminology – Australian Bureau of Statistics

Medical roots, suffixes and prefixes

Radiation Dictionary – CDC (inglês)

Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary

WordPress glossary

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