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Human Anatomy – Asclépio – PTBR
Atlas de anatomia patológica e neuroimagem – PT
Car Sound Glossary – EN
Dicionário empresarial – Sebrae Paraná – PTBR
Forex Traders Glossary – Forex Peace Army Forum – EN
Food Glossary – EN-PTBR
Glossário de biotecnologia – Conselho de Informações sobre Biotecnologia – PTBR
Glossary of Terms: Foreign Exchange & Trade – Banco do Brasil – EN-PT
Glossário de moda – PTBR
Snow & Ice Glossary – PT–EN–GE–ES–FR (PDF)
Chemistry Glossary – EN
Glossário de Recursos Hídricos – PTBR (PDF)
Glossary of terms relating to European integration – EN
Glossary of transportation/logistics terms – EN-PTBR
Glossary of Green Terms – EN
Medical Dictionary – Medline Plus – EN
Multi-language Glossary on Natural Disasters – Asian Disaster Reduction Center
Termium Plus® – EN–FR–ES–PT
USGS Photo Glossary of volcanic terms – EN
Vocabulário de formas farmacêuticas – Anvisa 2011 – PTBR (PDF)

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