Twitter highlights: terminology

Architecture glossary – English

Car Dictionary – English

Chemicals with molecular formula and CAS number – English

Clinical trials glossary – English, Spanish

Glossary of Diamond Related Terms – English

Glossary of Medical Words – English, plain language

Glossary of Poetic Terms – McGraw Hill – English

Glossary of Terms Related to Design Patent – English

IPPF Glossary of Terms related to sexual and reproductive health – English (PDF)

Glossary on Migration – English (PDF)

Medical glossary for patients – English, plain language

Multilingual paper dictionary – English, French, German, Finnish (PDF)

Multilingual sustainable construction glossary – English, Spanish, German, French (PDF)

Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary – English

Technical terms in electricity I – Portuguese

Technical terms in electricity II – Portuguese

Textile glossary – Italian

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