Productivity for translators: links from IMTT Conference presentation

First of all, I apologize for taking so long to post the links. Too much work, too little time. For those who attended my presentation, I also apologize for my lack of enthusiasm during the presentation. I was feeling really sick that day, lost all the morning presentations and even thought I couldn’t deliver mine.

Anyway, here are the links I promised:

For Word files:

AndoTools – Official website is off, but this is a copy I kept for myself. Works fine and is virus-free. ReadMe file with info on the release.



For Excel spreadsheets:

Spreadsheet Compare


PDF conversion:

Solid Converter (Windows)

desk unPDF (Mac)

Terminology aggregators:


GoldenDict  (my posts on using the app: part 1, part 2 & part 3)

iGoogle (see also my post on how to include gadgets and dicts to iGoogle)


Backup and sync:

Carbon Copy Cloner (Mac)


SyncBack (Windows)

Links & RSS aggregators:

Delicious (and my Delicious, specially for online glossaries, dictionaries and reference material)


Google Reader

For browsers:

Online proofreader

Nicesharing – splits browser window to show two different websites

Chrome Add-ons:



Google Chrome Dual View

Word Count

Firefox Add-ons:

Add to Search Bar






More Firefox search add-ons


Prezi presentation

7 Replies to “Productivity for translators: links from IMTT Conference presentation”

  1. Oi, Val! Adorei da palestra! Obrigada pelos links. Eu nem percebi “a falta de entusiasmo”. Tomara que tenha gostado da Argentina. Daiana

  2. Oi Val,
    your presentation was great, very helpful for me as a PM, really eye opener. You didn’t look sick at all, I didn’t feel you were unenthusiatic at all!! I was waiting to have all this link in one place as I didn’t write down notes.
    Many thanks!!

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